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Captain Kuechly both the personality and the website are new to the world of Carolina Panthers Superfans. For now The site will have a lot of images and information on the Inspiration. Arguably the Carolina Panthers Greatest Draft pick of all time. From Boston College #59 Luke Kuechly. In College Luke was known for his ability to sniff out the ball and rack up record tackling numbers. His stats where so impressive that many suspected his coaches of padding his numbers by assigning him credit for tackles that should have been shared if not gone solely to other players. However as of this writing Luke is the leading tackler in the NFL since coming into the league in 2012, and was first in Tackles his Rookie year, and currently Holds first place in Tackles again in his third year in the league. 

Captain Kuechly is the best Superfan there is when it comes to working with children who may be shy around other Superfans. After all, what kid could ever be afraid of "Cap"?